About Us

Honest folks providing an exceptional customer experience. The U.S. Safe Company has been in the business for over a decade.  In addition website, we currently operate two stores in Southern California and tour the nation at special events.  When you choose to secure money, family photos, collectibles, firearms, and other things, which are important to you and your family, you should have peace of mind that your valuable items are secure in a safe delivered by honest people. That security is part of our promise to you: We believe you should have real security at an affordable price, a quality product and exceptional service.

We have two store in California

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Why we only carry two brands

On all of the “Big Box” websites for home security safes, almost every brand, make and model is listed. Their focus is to give you every option possible in the hope that you’ll buy something (anything!). Where to start, what to pick, why not this one? For them, it’s all about quantity.

We want to save you money. We want to save you time and all of the headaches of researching for the best safes available at the best value that meet your needs.

Our focus

We have focused our research on 4 criteria:

  1. The best quality
  2. The best value for your money
  3. The best warranty
  4. The best looks

We feel with Cannon and Sportsman Steel Safes, we are able to provide you all of that and more…We even extend at a greater length by passing onto you our discounts so that you can own a safe that is of quality at the best warranty for an affordable price.

At US Safe Co., we believe in complete transparency and we make sure you get the best OVERALL deal.