How to Buy a Safe

1. Budget

First decide the level of security you need, and how much you can afford to spend. Lucky you can find very big safes on sale at great prices or you can go crazy with an extreme custom safe. Ask us about custom safes!


2. Type of Protection

Do you also you live in an area prone to fire or burglary? Are you trying to keep guns away from children?


3. Features

Check the quality of the door, the number and size of the locks and the frame of the safe. Will it break easily? What fire rating do you need? 30, 60, 75, +90 minutes?


4. Weight & Size & Capacity

Where will you put your safe? Will it fit? Accurately measure the space and assess the foundation.

What are you protecting and what is the volume? Don’t buy a safe too small! How much stuff do you need to secure?

For example: How many guns, ammo, documents, cash… are you trying to secure in your safe? What other items do you plan on securing?


5. Warranty

Warranty is key if you plan on making your investment last. Heritage Security Products provides an exceptional warranty.